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March 28, 2004

Santa Barbara Fine Art Photography

Russ Widstrand is a Santa Barbara based fine art photographer. He offers a range of fine art photographs from portraits to pears.

Russ has redirected his photography to a more introspective course. Rather than relying on external direction, he has begun an internal search to attempt to communicate the beauty and sorrow of the human spirit. He has chosen the pear as a symbolic metaphor through which he is able express himself.

Irvine Lifestyle Photographer

Irvine based photographer, Bruce Hershey specializes in lifestyle photography and produces photos for advertising, corporate communications and editorial clients both on location and in studio.

March 27, 2004

Santa Barbara Photographer Eliot Crowley

Elito Crowley, a photographer based in Santa Barbara, has a wonderful set of photographs from Italy.

Follow the links to his yellow book.

Lower Topanga Photographs

Photographer David Blattel has a series of photographs of Lower Topanga.

Lower Topanga, soon to be reclaimed for state park land, has been captured by local photographer David Blattel… The show is entitled “Lower Topanga: Before the Bulldozers”.

Blue Fier Panoramic Landscapes

Blue Fier has some wonderful panoramic landscapes.

About the color that he takes his name from he says, "One of my favorite times of the day is witnessing the sky lose its blue to black…midnight blue…indigo blue. It doesn’t last too long. You cannot put your hands on it, but you can feel it and taste it."

Bob Stevens Case Studies

Bob Stevens is a landscape, portrait and automotive photographer.

Check out Stevens' whimsical look at case studies.

March 13, 2004

New York Food Photographer

Matthew Klein is master food photographer based in New York. Of all his food photographs, I particularly like his photos of ice cream. He also has a great shot of the perfect New York pizza.